The NFT system (Nutrient Film Technique) is particularly designed to get the most out of your harvest.

While there are a lot of different ways to design an NFT system, they all have the same characteristic of a very shallow nutrient solution cascading downward through the tubing which stimulate the oxygenation of the crop and help duplicate the harvests ability to bring 85,000 plants per acre.

This type of hydroponic without substrate allows the plant to be developed exclusively in aqueous medium and able to get clean and quality production. In addition, the products will be tasty, a duplicate size and commercially more durable.

We highlight the benefits that our NFT system have in particular (patented):

  • Get a high level of hygiene and quality of your crop thanks to its removable lid, giving the possibility to deeply clean the channel.
  • Quick anchoring, which reduces investment in assembly time and labor.
  • Heat dissipation due to the structural improvement offered by the double partition.
  • Black interior wall to prevent the proliferation of algae.

On top of everything listed above we should add the overall profitability that this type of crop provides:

  • It reduces production costs in a very remarkable way, allowing a quick return of the initial investment.
  • Double your crop  thanks to this higher efficiency system.
  • Significant savings in water costs thanks to its water collection and redistribution system.
  • Product with success in either cold or dry environments.

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