The AUXPROTEC drainage channels for hydroponic agriculture is the solution that reduce costs by increasing the quality of your harvest. 

Our drainage channels for hydroponic agriculture allow to completely close the drainage collection system in an optimal, clean and 100% satisfactory way.

Among other characteristics, our channels for hydroponic cultivation allow you to work using substrate or without it, resulting in clean products with an unbeatable appearance.

Another advantage of the drainage channels for hydroponic cultivation is its ability to perfectly adapt to its use on small farms as well as in large areas, whether in open air or in the greenhouse.

To allow the system to work perfectly, it will be necessary for the plot to be well leveled and with a slope of approximately 0.5%, although the channel, once added to the weight provided by the substrate, ensures that even if the leveling is not perfect, the system collects the waters in a comfortable way and avoiding “water pools”.

The system could be used on the ground using innovative PVC feet, and hanging.

Our PVC legs provide durability greater than standard metal ones thus reduce the iron content of the crop.

The drainage channels for hydroponic agriculture Auxprotec will provide all these benefits:

  • Cost saving on production and labor
  • Reuse of the resources either water and fertilizer
  • Avoid water stagnation and soil deterioration
  • Better control of crop growth and increase effectiveness.
  • Support systems will improve working conditions allowing individuals to work comfortably on the crops without needing to bend over.

If you want more information about the assembly process of our drainage channels for hydroponic agriculture clic the button below:



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