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Our grafting clips are designed to secure and fix a graft to the stem of the plant, this practice is also known as “plant micro-surgery”.

Although they could be used in different types of crops, these grafting clips are used mainly in tomato, melon and watermelon plants.

The diameter of the clips range between 1.5 to 4.0 mm, so depending on the diameter of the stem, it will be required to use the right clip size.

Thanks to its flexibility and the union performed by the clip on the stem of the plant, the graft is successfully developed.

The clamp adapts itself with strength and elasticity so that the graft adjust to the stem without difficulty and preventing its crushing and impeding growth.

The main advantages of performing grafts are:

  • Preserving the desired characteristics of seedless hybrids.
  • Resistance to both pests and soil diseases as well as bacteria and viruses.
  • Genetic and physiological plant improvement, which provides an increase of the quality and size of the fruit.
  • Increase of the harvest productivity.